- Philosophy -

Your Tale
not just "beautiful photographs."
These are moments that take shape.
They're images that when you look at them you smile.
You're just taking a breath of it.
and then pause to look at each one
savoring those moments on the notes of your favorite song.
It is the living emotions that you jealously guard over time.
It's those tears that are streaming down your face
and you don't know why
Those are
Your Tale in Moments and Emotions.

- Tales -

There is always something special about couples and families that I meet
A tale behind every little nuance
seizing them and transforming them
into a story to tell is my specialty

- Moments -

How do you define your Stories?
To me they are an infinite series of fragmented moments.Being able to read and interpret that moment during your wedding, during the portraits of a couple or simply when you celebrate with your loved ones is a fundamental skill for me


Emotions -

Everything connects through Emotions
They are the reading key andthe real memory that will stay with you

- What I can do for You -

A discreet and reassuring presence throughout the day
Telling your tale without interfering with the events is the key photographing emotions.

The ability to adapt to every situation and opportunity that I have matured over the years will be a reference for you,
I will always be able to advise you at best.

Beyond anything else: I love to empathize with my spouses.
A “fine tuning” that is created since the engagement (the couple’s photographs)
It is protracted and reaffirmed during the preparation and developed gradually throughout in the day
The result: Evocative, Natural and Unforced photographs.