Andrea Tran Wedding Photographer in Verona & Lake Garda

“You don’t know yourself completely until you’re able to describe yourself in just a few lines”.

I am
a dreamer but also realistic when needed.
Ambitious but I also like to enjoy the little things.
Romantic to the core but with a bit of cynicism.
A sporty type but I don’t mind a ‘Netflix and chips’ night.

A hard worker able to achieve my goals even while wearing a pyjama all day long.
It is not easy to know yourself, even less easy to put it in words.

What I certainly know about myself is that I love taking photos,
be it at work, on a holiday, during a walk with my family or a night out with friends.

I just love to share all the nice moments through my pictures.

For me, being a wedding photographer is all about this.
A wedding photographer is an active witness of a family’s memories,
including all the people you care about and those you decided to have with you on your most important day.

The Tran Family

I come from a family of Vietnamese immigrants.
My parents landed in Italy in August 1979, after being saved by the Italian Navy in the Indochina Sea
during a mission to rescue the so-called “boat people”.

With this unbelievable event, my parents’ beautiful love story began.
Having met randomly during this dangerous journey,
they first shared their fears for the future and later the joy of being able to live another day.

Their love has been alive for more than 40 years now and it has never faltered.
They are my role model and I owe everything to them!
They taught me the beauty lying in simple things, and the humbleness and respect owed to every person.
They taught me that taste and elegance are the result of a personal growth process, and are not measured by money.  

They have always let me free to make my choices, both in my career and my private life.
Of course, they would have loved to see me complete my university studies and get a degree in engineering,
but that was not the right path for me.
My true vocation is photography: portraying people and communicating the emotions around them.

All began thanks to Giulia, my wife.
By gifting me with my very first camera, she opened a window on an incredible world
that I discover more and more each day and that always leaves me amazed.

My Family

I am the lucky husband of a wonderful woman, Giulia,
and dad to two beautiful children, Noah and Leon.
They are my source of inspiration and the reason why
I get up every morning knowing I’m doing the right thing.

They are and they will always be the greatest emotion in my life.

My Second Passion

andrea tran arti marziali (2)

Beside photography, my other passion is martial arts.

I have been practicing for almost 20 years, I now teach kick boxing and muay thai and I’m the co-founder of the Yamakasi Fight Academy, together with my first master and close friend Roberto.

The Yamakasi Fight Academy is an academy located on the east side of Verona, entirely dedicated to martial arts and combat sports.


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Andrea Tran Wedding Photographer in Verona and Lake Garda